About Us

Finding learning opportunities
in the face of real-world experiences.

Medical error. Adverse outcomes. Learning opportunities.

Things go wrong during surgery and other medical procedures, and therefore, in anesthesia. With proper knowledge and recognition of these events as performance and systems issues, we can turn these stories into learning lessons and opportunities for growth.

There are few ways to collect and share stories about clinical events with other anesthesia providers in a timely and anonymous fashion. Anesthesia eNonymous is a channel where you can communicate and share your stories — free of sensitive patient, hospital and provider information — so that others can learn and grow from your experience.

We recognize there is a “fear of discovery” in reporting of such events due to institutional or other factors that may prevent you from telling your story. As a result, Anesthesia eNonymous has combined technological security with a staff of academic data reviewers who will ensure and protect your anonymity.

Anesthesia eNonymous is an initiative of the VCU Department of Nurse Anesthesia, the nation’s top-ranked nurse anesthesia school.


Muscle Relaxant Administration Error

“Another member of the anesthesia team began going through the anesthesia drug drawer and administered…

Severe Hypotension During Induction

“His arterial BP was 40s/20, HR 90s. Soon the arterial waveform was lost. Both carotid…

Massive Pulmonary Embolism

Massive Pulmonary Embolism

“There were no other available extremities to place the pulse oximeter…The anesthesia provider…attempted to feel…

Cardiac Arrest After Anectine Administration

“An intubating laryngeal mask airway was placed but was also unsuccessful in facilitating ventilations. The…