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Pulmonary Embolus Under Anesthesia

Pulmonary Embolus Under Anesthesia


“ …after several minutes it was noted that all the adjustments were not helping and the O2 sat was beginning to drop to 95-96%.”

Case Context     Provider Narrative     Lessons Learned

Case Context

Patient: adult female Ht: 64 in. Wt: obese
Presenting diagnosis: acute appendicitis
Planned procedure: laparoscopic appendectomy
Past medical history: NKDA, hypertension, Type II diabetes mellitus, and depression
Preoperative meds: unspecified antihypertensive, unspecified oral hypoglycemic agent, unspecified anti-depressant, cetirizine, esomeprazole
Other pertinent details: labs normal except for mild anemia, slightly increased white blood cell count and glucose of 210 mg/dl; preoperative vital signs: temperature of 99.4 degrees F, BP 180/68 and O2 saturation of 93% on room air
Anesthetic plan: General anesthesia 


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