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Shift in Patient Position During Surgery

Shift in Patient Position During Surgery

“ The surgeon was having difficulty exposing the polyp and requested steeper Trendelenburg position. [The patient’s] position on the table shifted and over the course of 15 minutes…”

Case Context    Provider Narrative    Lessons Learned

Case Context

Patient: adult female
Presenting diagnosis: dysfunctional uterine bleeding with polyps
Planned procedure: polypectomy
Past medical history: obesity, hypertension
Preoperative meds: hydrochlorothiazide, not taken on day of surgery
Other pertinent details:Airway assessment: short neck, Mallampati III, interincisor distance 3 cm, thyromental distance 2.5 cm
Anesthetic plan: general endotracheal anesthesia, intubation with videolaryngoscopy 


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